“X Marks The Spot”

By Mary Kroner

This piece has evolved over the course of several years. Lots of people
have helped. Thanks to:

Mary Ann Meehan for all that listening and a million other things.

Writer and teacher, Valerie Chronis Bickett, for her quiet encouragement
and belief and the writers in her Thursday morning writing group who
asked questions and urged me to keep going. They were tremendously

My Brother Paul for his instant belief, encouragement, and opportunity.

Brian Balsley and Elaine Ryesiewicz, helpers in geology and history.

Brian Lovely and Vinny Meehan both helped with pre-recorded parts.

Jack Berberich helped me figure out how to hold up the earth, which
Mary Seguin painted for a previous play of mine, “Nights Of The Round

Jason Sheldon and Jen Joplin lent their kind hearts and ears and eyes.

Historian Robert T. Howe’s in depth paper, “Knowlton’s At The Corner”
from the Cincinnati Historical Society.

The County Auditor’s amazing trove of records. The People who keep
track of this and all historical records.

Tom Gilker for ticket sales and much more. Ed Rush for the use of this

And you, for being here, as it doesn’t really exist without an audience.